Pure Beauty Collagen (Collagen Powder) Made in Japan


With Active Ingredients: 100g


*Hyaluronic Acid



💗Pure Beauty Collagen

Collagen supplements like collagen protein powder are a great way to get collagen nutrition into your diet during pregnancy without compromising flavor, since Japan collagen tastes neutral.
Carefully chosen collagen supplements or collagen supplement powders can be a great way to ensure collagen intake during pregnancy.
*Note Collagen Capsules or Tablets have higher excipients than Liquid or Powder form. Collagen powder are also very advantageous for pregnancy because they do not require stomach acid to be absorbed properly by your body. Collagen tablets or capsules needs to go through some digestion first before it can be fully absorbed, but collagen powders are already broken down into small collagen peptides which can be absorbed much more easily ask your Obgyn before taking any supplement.
It is important to choose a brand that has safe and natural ingredients, Pure Beauty Collagen is 100% safe and approved by Japan Ministry of Health and Philippine FDA
Direction of Use:
Add 3-6 grams or 1 teaspoon to your favorite non-alcoholic drink or beverage.
Weight 3.9 oz


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